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Casey V


Florida, USA

What in the world was Viator doing at this plant, was he working there?! What's the deal behind this?

Approximately 18 months after Viator won the 1971 Mr. America contest, a serious accident at a wire-extruding plant caused Viator to lose most of the little finger on his right hand. Several days later, he almost died from an allergic reaction to an anti-tetanus injection. He was nauseated and depressed for the next three and a half months and didn?t train. He had little appetite. His muscles atrophied, and he lost more than 33 pounds, with 18-3/4 of the pounds being attributed to the near fatal injection.
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Florida, USA

I didn't want to start a new thread, so I'll post my questions here.

I've started up my HIT routine once again. It's been quite some time since I did just 1 set all out to failure for more than 2 exercises in one workout. I go all out every now & then, but not with every exercise. Just 1 or maybe 2 during a workout. But not too often.

Here's my problem: I play very competive tennis all week long ( I'm a teaching pro ) along with basketball & now I'm starting to add in some racquetball. I play tennis 3-5 x a week, bball is almost every day, but it's not full court everyday.

Sometimes I just work on my shooting, ball-handeling etc. Some days it's 2 on 2 or 1 on 1.

The racquetball is 3 x a week. AND IT'S HIT ALL THE WAY BABY! Great workout, it's agility, short sprints, conditioning & footwork all in one! Truly awesome!

So it would be really hard to fit in a HIT workout ( full body that is ) 2 x a week. I've tried this in the past & I'm so dead the next day that I can't compete at a high level, I'm just too drained.

So Mon. the 20th. I did a lower body HIT workout, felt great too! I did 5 exercises. Today is Wed. and I was ging to do my upper body. How should I work in my next workout? Was thinking of resting from my HIT workout Thur. & Fri. and do a complete whole body woorkout on Sat. late afternoon.

Sun. is always a complete rest day for me. What should I do? I'm on a mission from God as the Blues Brothers would say. Ha!

I'm 29 yrs. young, 6'1'' ( in my shoes) Ha! 178 lbs. 8% bodyfat.

Would like to add 10 lbs. of muscle in the next 8 weeks, at least that's my goal. And get my body fat % down to 6%

And I forgot to mention, I've been adding in some sprints 1-2x a week. Sprints & endurance sprints.

So how do I work all this in? Was thinking of cutting back to 2x a week with the racquetball. The bball is only all out 2-3 x a week. And that's for about 1 hr.

Most of the time it's medium intensity with just shooting etc.

Any input would be great, thanks HITERS!

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Your recovery is your issue, and therefore having a stimulating workout is the least of your problem, so that is why you need to be confident in developing progression with a minimal application.

Consolidate and do an A B routine of only 3-5 compound exercises per workout with as many as 7 days break, go all out and learn to tolerate the fatigue until you can tell if it is overtraining you, if you can't 'adjust' to that frequency and duration, then remove an exercise first, then if that is still not enough then insert a rest day. The only thing you can do to increase the volume of your exercise is to insert rotary movements and to insert NTF training.

Base the routines on heavy compounds but due to your activity ensure you do regular calf work to protect your ankles, (rotate seated calf in one w/o and standing the next).

Remember, 10 pounds in 8 weeks MIGHT be doable, but more important is PROGRESSION in your strength and MINIMAL negative impact in 10 weeks.

Aim for 20 weeks and see how it pans out, after 10 weeks try to reduce volume and frequency more and still keep boosting resistance.

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Florida, USA

Anyone on the below?

What in the world was Viator doing at this plant, was he working there?! What's the deal behind this?

Also, thanks for anwsering my many questions & for giving your input!

I'm going to cut back on my tennis & bball so I can attack my bb routine with more energy.

Thanks again!
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Ellington Darden


After Casey won the Mr. America in 1971, he had a falling out with Jones. He did not work for Nautilus again for 6-9 months. Thus, he had a late-night job at this wire-extruding plant in DeLand, Florida. That's where he had the accident that Jones mentioned.

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Florida, USA

Thanks for the insight Ellington!

Anyone seen this video? If so, any good?

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Florida, USA

Didn't want to start a new thread; found some pics. of Casey I've never seen. I'll post them here.
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Florida, USA

Another one. Check out the shirt! :-P
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I love those old cams
..like out of Captn Nemo and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


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