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Viator/Hudlow Connection?

Mid-Sized Tex

California, USA

As I was rereading the New HIT book a coupla days ago and marvelling over the freakish strength gains of Viator and Hudlow, a connection seemed possible.

As Dr. D points out with Viator, he was rebuilding muscle mass that he had already built up, but lost due to an accident in which he lost part of a finger and also an allergic reaction to the treatment after the accident. Therefore, his strength gains post-accident should be noted as probably more than some of us newbies should expect (also consider his genetics, of course).

In like manner, it seems the same idea may be true for Hudlow. As he was an ex-Marine and a former college football player at Georgia Tech, it seems reasonable to entertain the possibility that he also was, in part, rebuilding some muscle tissue that he'd had back in his playing days and/or when he was a Marine, with all the PT that demanding job entails.

In short, maybe some of us new to the program shouldn't crack our heads against the wall and proclaim ourselves genetically weak and/or total wussies if our strength gains aren't in the same ballpark -- if we've never been a bodybuilder, or a football player, or military, maybe we should take that into consideration as we embark on this exciting and challenging program.

Just a thought.


ps. Anybody know how to properly pronounce Viator's name? I don't know if it's Vee-AH-ter or VY-e-ter. Thanks.
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Ellington Darden


I believe you're being realistic in your expectations concerning Viator's and Hudlow's results.

Viator's name is pronounced Vee-a-tor . . . with a long "e," "a," and "o."

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Mid-Sized Tex

California, USA

Many thanks, Doc.

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