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Parallel Pulldown Width

Mid-Sized Tex

California, USA

This question is either for Dr. Darden, or for anyone else who knows what he'd say, or has similar expertise:

On p. 119 of "The New HIT" book (apologies, Dr. Darden, I don't know how to underline in this format) your description of the "Pulldown on Lat Machine" encourages the use of a parallel-grip bar. I have access to two at my gym. One has the grips just wider than my shoulder width, and the other about 4-6 inches apart (I didn't have my tape measure with me.)

I'd like to alternate this exercise with the Bent-Over Row with Barbell during my Leanness Workouts, but I'm not sure which parallel bar would be best to use.

Any info on this would be helpful, and I thank you and all other responders in advance!

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Texas, USA

The wider of the two gives you a straighter and stronger plane of motion. I believe it hits your lats well throughout the ROM.

The close-grip version gives you an excellent stretch in the top position and is great for your brachialis in the contracted position. I also belive it hits your rear delts more.

Try 'em both for few weeks at a time and see what you think.

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