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Bowflex 2000X Info


Ontario, CAN

Being the Bowflex fan I am (and yes I like green eggs and ham ;^) I have gotten my hands on an original Bowflex 2000X (Circa 1986). I am presently looking for any and all info I can find especially documentation that would have come with the product (use and assembly etc). I'm making contact with the original owner (it's a multi generation family hand-me-down) to get what details I can but of course any paper work is all but lost.

If anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate being contacted. This funny little unit has a couple of tube steel add-ons with foot plates and I can't for the life of me even imagine how you might use them. They are about 3 foot poles with sort of a bend for a handgrip at one end and holes for some sort of attachment. Then at the other end of each are footplates ? possibly a "Gazelle" (Tony Little) type thing? It"s a real gem, only two pulleys and the bench sits practically flat on the floor.

As well, it has all sorts of extra rod/box attachments. Interesting to see they didn't initially realize the combination that could be used in that it has 5's - 10/20/25/30/35/40/45/50. I'll post a pic or two when I have it cleaned up a bit, it is in operational shape but very scuffed up. What I really enjoyed was it came out of the classic cluttered basement, full of discarded/unused fitness gimmicks including the obligatory "ab roller" machine.

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JJ McClinton

I've seen one, funny to see how they have evolved. Cant think of what the foot plates are for, the old one I saw didn't have them but was seated on the floor. I wonder what a Bowflex machine will look like in another 10 years?
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Ontario, CAN


If I had my way there would be a JRep model ;^)

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That's cool. I would love to see some pics of that when you get them. Sounds interesting!
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