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Water Loss & Protein?



I've been experimenting with the Warrior diet. Basically you eat fruit n veg during the day and then stuff yourself during the evening.

So it's a sort of controlled fast during the day.

I have noticed though that if i eat some protein, like a piece of chicken, during the fast. I start to need go pee a lot more. It seems i'm pissing out excess fluid. My questions is, why does eating protein have this affect?

I've noticed in the past with low carb diets that the same happens - especially in the first week. You piss out a load of excess fluid.

It's not just a case of fasting or using glycogen for energy ant wotnot because i'd need those stores with or without protein.

Can anyone shed light on this?

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I've noticed this as well. More when I have a large protein based meal, but still.
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