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Ellington Darden

john51 wrote:
Dr Darden, you might remember me as Fiftyfit from the bigger arm challenge last year. I need some advice... I have trained HIT-style most of my life, but am currently having trouble with back problems that have plagued me off and on for more than thirty years. I believe in the efficiency and result-producing ability of one-set training, but I feel I may need to add minimal warmup sets for safety's sake. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I regret being unable to get my photos in last year, I was very proud of my results. Thanks, Fiftyfit

Right! I believe warm-up sets are called for in your situation. Also probably higher reps (15-20) instead of 8-12.


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Hello El,

I was looking for your article, "Favorite Nautilus Models". I heard someone mention my name?

I'm currently living in Dallas.

Still in the muscle business, I see!

Cheers, ~Ld
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Ellington Darden

Hi Lona,

You are definitely my favorite.

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I have been am still am a HIT enthusiatic. As much as I love to read the books you have wriiten to re emphases my training errors and sucsesses. I have become a hugh fan of the embedded phylosophy that is in all of it. I grew up in the seventies,a time of change, the early 70 as a kid was about the same as your opener, but by the late seventies and into my teen years thing were changing.
As a kid with little or nothing in the way of material goods, other that a bike and some hockey equitment ( I am Canadaian)I had a multitude of feinds and it was unheard of to stay in the house, that was for mom and her coffee driking smoking card playing freinds. that was excellent for them but teribble for me, I went out side.
I guess the change ocurred about 1976 (the hype of disco) when my cousin wanted to stay in and talk about the movie star wars (he seen it 6 times he said). I did not have anything to say, i never seen it, i offered to let him join in on the games we were playing outside but for some reason he wanted to stay inside with the parrents. Funny thing about that time, technology was emerging, (the invention of the mico computer chip, same time). from that time on the number of freinds were starting to go down and the number of people that were outside was reducing as well.
now here we are on computers corresponding in the most un social way possible. Sure you can reach the whole world, but hasnt that watered down the strenth It is no suprise to me that in the gym i train at I can say I am with in the few that perform HIT and i look pretty good, to the point where i look the part and get approached frequently about the lattest supplement I am taking to maintain my shape.
I hope the next HIT revolution does occur, but do not be surprised that the message is hidden in the weeds and has been distorted by many ( staring with MM)
Go to the gym, look around, notice just one thing in your trendy gym, the squat racks, mine has two and for the 35 mins i am in there they are vertully not used and very seldom used for squating.
Hum the basics, maybe they are more advanced than you think.
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dear Ellington, i was on your site a couple of years ago and mentioned that we had a mutual friend in susan cunningham. anyway, im back, so to speak. it was about 1975 or so that through my friend from work, sue, that i met you on the beach in daytona. here was this extremely muscled handsome dude , sue, and me. just an average guy with a rotten attitude and typical nonexercise build. i did not want anything to do with exercise at all.

a few months ago i got to see sue again for lunch as i was taking a nostalgia trip back to daytona that i had not seen in about 30 years. wow!. it was so nice being on the beach and seeing my good friend after all that time im much balder and she is a little rounder( in a cute way) we had lunch on the inlet and just gabbed. boy, i miss daytona!!

partly because of you i began exercising regularly about 10 years ago. i read the hit books and ideas . believe it or not the book that got me doing at least SOMETHING was joyce vedrals. it was easy to start with 15lb dumbells and a bench.im now about the same wt i was in the 70s (167) and in good shape for my age. im in no class like you or my hero clarence bass. but i keep doing it.

i can now experiment more now and do anything from body exercise to weights and stationary bicycle.btw, clarence replied to me that not only did he meet you but that he has apicture of you in his offce.

anyway, Ellington, you have been an influence on me after all these years and i want to thank you as well as apologize for being rather cold to you that one time we met.
ps im back on your site
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Ellington Darden

Hi Fred,

Glad you're back on my site. I too was over in Daytona Beach a month ago. It brought back a lot of memories.

Keep training.


PS: You'll get a kick out of my article, "Strength Training for Kids," as it ties into Daytona. You'll find it on the opening page.
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dear Ellington, thanks for your great reply. thats quite a pic of you and tyler. looks like it was taken in front of the bandshell on the boardwalk. maybe?
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well, Ellington, its that time again. in a week i will be in our beloved daytona. will have lunch with our friend, susan, will relax on the beach and wish i had never left. oh well. im still working out 3x a week and am in good shape for my age. never will be able to get to the builds of you guys but the influence that you, clarence bass, and ioyce vedrall have been on me keeps me from being just a 67 yr old beer gutted loafer.
your friend, fred from nashville
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Ellington Darden


Have a great time in Daytona. Say hi to Susan and keep your eyes open for Teeter.

When you walk on the beach, don't spread your lats too wide.

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