MB Madaera
Lost 31.7 lbs fat
Built 11.7 lbs muscle

Chris Madaera
Built 9 lbs muscle

Keelan Parham
Lost 30 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle

Bob Marchesello
Lost 23.55 lbs fat
Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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Dr Darden:About Chuck Sipes


Doctor Darden:Do you know Chuck Sipes?
Have you seen him in person?
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Ellington Darden

Nope, I never met Sipes. I've read articles about him, however.

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Ontario, CAN

The IART has a book entitled Tactical Fitness: Rules of Advanced Gym Warfare. With it comes a free 2-hour DVD, with film footage of Mr. Olympias in the 1960s, as well as footage from the 1980 Mr. O. On that CD is some great 'home movie' footage of Chuck Sipes that may interest you, footage taken by the DVD's narrator while on a visit to Chuck's place.

Apparently Chuck had nothing more than about 300 pounds of weights, a barbell, and a few dumbbells, and that is what he used for his training (in an old shed).
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Brian, is this the Norm Komich DVD?
I find interesting too that Chuck was know from his hard muscles, he training whit very low reps on basics movements, than did hig reps on isolations.This is very old scholl on my opiniom.He have amazing strength, and had a huge forearms.
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I read on another site he comitted suicide. Anyone know??
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I read the same thing.


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I can remmember reading about him in a weider mag, shortly after he commited suicide, it must have been well over 10 years ago.

He supposedly had 18 inch forearms, which I think he credited getting from sawing trees for a living, you know those huge horizontal two person saws.
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Ontario, CAN

Yes, Norm's DVD. He gave us permission to include it with the Tactical Fitness book (which has a foreword by Dave Draper).
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Why did he commit suicide?
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Ben_R wrote:
Why did he commit suicide?

The IFBB has some information on him.
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Texas, USA

kata14 wrote:

I love those letters. They are a hoot and a holler.

The first guy tells Dennis to avoid milk and yogurt "because they can make your skin thick", but his first meal of the day has hard cheese in it.

Someone should print out Dave Draper's old (1965) letter urging Dennis to drop oatmeal, apples, and carrots from his diet and bring it to him. It's certainly ironic considering his recent quadruple bypass surgery...
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