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Dr. Darden Question on Training?

Dave Price

New Jersey, USA

Hey I have been using H.I.T for a little bit. I have been having a hard time going to failure I suppose. I mean the other day I was squatting 205 all the way down in good form and went to 14 repetitions until I was stuck in the bottom position. The next day my legs were not sore.

I'm guessing I should of tried for 1-2 reps in the squat? I beleive in everything you and Arthur Jones have written on H.I.T esp whole body routines which are far superior to split. Would it be ok to perform 2 set per exercise or should I just try harder to get 1-2 more reps for the exercises even though I dont think I can go any farther. I prob just need to work harder. I am trying so hard on this and hope I gain some more strenght and hopefully some mass too.

Thanks Dave Price
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Just going to throw a few things out there.

Is your negative slow enough? Like 5 or more seconds? Bad form and going too fast ruin squats.

I always did Leg Extensions before a Squat type movement. Pre-exhausting. IMHO really helps you get more out of a squat.

I also like Stripping (and the female form, but I digress). Maybe go a little heavier to drop the reps and after failure drop the wieght down to do a few more reps. Works best when using machines and if you have a friend available.

One last thing is are you getting stronger or bigger? Soreness is a nice badge of honor, but results is what is really important.
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Ellington Darden


I just think you need to take your time and work into all-out failure gradually. Especially on exercises like the barbell squat. I'd recommend a 3-4-week break-in period.

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Hey if the guy is getting stuck in the bottom then surely that is failure - no?
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