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Thank you for the responses re: Jones and Gironda.

Wow, "bigfoot" sightings, gypsy shirts and weird mailings; the iron game sure has its share of...um...characters.

Personally, I would tend to view with suspicion the training or nutritional advice of a man who seemed so irrational in other regards.

It must have been comical at times to watch the logical Jones interacting with some of these individuals.
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when it came to the "world of bodybuilding" Arthur was "in it... but not of it"... He'd been on the West Coast after the war(well chronicled in Dr. Darden's latest
book) and casually followed "the iron
game" through the magazines and his friend-ship with Bill Pearl...but he hadn't followed it seriously as a business until he was in it.

Once in it he was astounded by the
gullibility of bodybuilders and bodybuilding enthusiasts and the power of the hustlers and phoney gurus who lived off them. He saw opportunity in this situation and brought
a "common sense approach" to the business.

But even at the end of his run with Nautilus he was suspicious of "the true believers". As a private joke I bought a case of Eric Hoffer's
little book,"The True Believer" for
Arthur. In a twist of irony he'd give
copies away to visitors he viewed as
being his biggest fans...
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In reading your story of Arthur and Vince, I get the impression that Vince was a "wannabe" tough man where as Arthur was an actual tough man.

California is full of guys(wannabes) like that, in every generation it seems.

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When I think of Vince's training I think "shape". As muscle shape is inherant, I can't see the need of going the long way to reach the same destination. 6x6 for example gets to the final point of muscular fatigue, where a single set to failure is the surest, straightest line to the same destination.
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don't know about Vince's toughness...
Arthur WAS a tough bastard.
AND a smart one.
When Arthur appeared on the scene many
"gurus" were threatened... he wasn't one of the old guard... he wasn't
respecting anybody or anybody's turf...
he was just calling things as he saw them. He was blunt...
His message was solid. He was refreshing.
His arrival was not welcomed by the
muscle hustlers. He wasn't in that club.

(Vince and Arthur were men of very different styles. Arthur was always
very direct...he most always dressed
in suit pants and a clean dress shirt.
Vince played his role as "the muscle guru"... he had sort of a "zen master" thing going on. His style could best be described as "theatrical"(after-all,
he HAD been a dancer in the movies)
with just a bit of that old Hollywood
glamour... a good grid for fools' illusions.)

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Dave Price

New Jersey, USA

It seems true that the old school bodybuilders back in the 40s and 50s were not controlled by steroids. You also make mention of many famous bodybuilders during the 60s and 70s. However one such bodybuilder that I know about SergioOliva used steroids while training with Arthur Jones it said so in your 2004 The New HIT.

Any way it was said that Arthur was totally against these drugs why did he did he train Oliva then? Also why is it that someone involved with these growth drugs so credited when it comes to H.I.T? H.I.T by what you say is against drugs as Arthur originally made it. So is it true that most if not all of the bodybuilders of this time such as Viator and others trained by Arthur involved with steroids?

Its just a shame if this was the case as you have said that we need to back to a time when men weren' controlled by drugs Old School bodybuilding, whats the difference between then and now. I just hope that some of these famous bodybuilers didn'tuse drugs at least while in H.I.T.
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Dave: I'll jump in here and attempt to
deal with your questions...other than
Arthur himself I'm probably the only one who could. Arthur Jones WAS
very much against drugs of all kinds...but when he started the company which became Nautilus Sports/
Medical Industries(his company was originally called "Arthur Jones Productions") he was very naive to
the body-building culture of the times
(the early 1970's).

As Ell's books have chronicled Arthur spent time in
Southern California after the war(WWII)...he knew Vic Tanny and a few of the other "muscle" personalities and
actually trained at Vic's gym while he was there... and
in the late 1950's he got to know Bill Pearl who he brought to Louisiana for a movie
he was filming.

Arthur was interested in training...and had a very casual
interest in the "body-building scene"... but when he started Nautilus he was very naive to what body-building was all about in the early '70's. I know this, because I was there. Arthur knew that if he
took somebody and trained that person
on his new equipment that he'd gain mucho publicity.

His original "subject" was
his son, Gary...but when he met Casey
Viator at the Mr. America contest(Casey came in third in that year's contest) in
Culver City in summer 1970 he realized
that he could train Casey on his new
equipment and have Casey win the contest right away the next year.
With him training a Mr. America his
new equipment company would start off with a bang. Later in Spring of 1971
Arthur connected with Sergio Oliva...
and the plan became to have Casey win
the Mr. America and then Arthur train
both Casey and Sergio in summer 1971 and take them both to the NABBA Mr.
Universe contest in London that fall.
Casey would win the "amateur" Mr. Universe and Sergio the "professional"
Mr. Universe.

Well, part of the plan worked...Casey won the Mr. America in
1971...but shortly afterwards he sought
"greener pastures" and left Florida.
Arthur did train Sergio in summer 1971
but amongst great controversy Sergio
came in second in the NABBA contest(all
of this is covered in Ell's new book)... Well, all this is mentioned for background because during this period(and after) Arthur was very vocal
in a negative way about steroids.

He thought taking steroids was un-healthy and un-necessary(and stupid). He always
felt that a man could reach his maximum
physical potential without drugs. (I believed
that then and I do now.) But also
during this time Arthur became increasingly aware
of the "body-building culture" of the times...

He started out naive but he
learned fast. Steroid use, steroid
trafficking, "recreational" drug use
and "hustling" were major elements
of the BB culture of the day...elements
that Arthur knew little about going in
but found out about along the way...
But, know this, he was always against
the drugs. To this day, Arthur had no
knowledge of Casey taking steroids prior to the Mr. America contest in York in 1971. I was there and was
Casey's training partner and I saw no
sign of drug use.

If Casey took drugs
at that time Arthur and I didn't know it. With Sergio things were a little different...but not a whole lot.
After Sergio got settled in Florida
during the summer of 1971(and remember,
Casey was gone) we became aware that
Sergio had an envelope of pills that
he took once a day... he said that his
"manager" gave him the packets. We assumed that some of the pills might
have been drugs...Sergio thought they
were vitamins...we didn't know.

Our problem then was to either call
everything off(if we had him stop taking the pills and in fact they were
drugs his results from then on would be poor...so, forget the contest)
or just let things keep on...hope for the best and get far away from the
world of bodybuilding.

After Sergio
Arthur never seriously trained another
body-builder...(later Arthur tried to
train Boyer Coe but that did not last
very long...the Mentzer boys were there
but to my knowledge their only job was
to go to breakfast with Arthur and they
never seriously trained).

So, to some-up...Arthur only really trained two
bodybuilders(Casey and Sergio) and after that was fed up big time with
bodybuilding and with bodybuilders.
The Iron Man articles and Casey winning
the Mr. America got Nautilus on its
way but soon bodybuilding was "bad
business"...Arthur continued to have a
half-hearted interest in bodybuilding
but it wasn't a major interest.

Having first Casey(when he came back)
and later Boyer and the two Mentzers
hanging around was just Arthur liking
to have around what we called "pet
humans"("take your shirt off, Casey").

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thanks very much for those insights...

can you maybe tell us why casey did leave in '71...?

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after the contest in York I went
to Chicago with Gary Jones...

we were gone about a week. During that time Casey and his Dad approached
Arthur about Arthur giving Casey
a large amount of money for winning
the contest...of course, Arthur had no
money and Casey ended up leaving Florida...

he went to York for a few
weeks...they did a story about him
for MD but they had no money for him
and no job.

He eventually made his way
to the West Coast(again, no great amounts of money waiting)...within a year he was back in Florida. Arthur wanted Casey to be a part of things and always liked Casey(Casey WAS a really nice guy) but the fantasy world
that Joe Weider seemed to push about becoming a champion muscle-man and then sitting
around the pool sipping protein drinks with
tanned babes falling all over you
was just a fantasy in those days...
and it still is today.
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Florida, USA

When I met Arthur in 70 or 71 I was taking "Steroids" He convinced me right off to quit. I now look back as my involvement with Steroids as a mistake. I was getting it from an MD and most of the guys I competed with were using at that time. ( late 60's)

About Casey: I back up what Kim said. No one at the time suspected or thought that Casey was using. Later? Who knows for sure? Some say yes, and some say no. I have no personal first hand knowledge. Casey was always a real nice guy.

About Sergio: Arthur and I had several phone calls at this time. One when I called him to see if he was going to make it to Winter Haven to Judge the Mr. Central Florida. He said he had just picked up Sergio and had forgotten he agreed to Judge.

Anyway over the course of several calls he told me that he knew Sergio was using and that Sergio was afraid he would loose size if he stopped. Arthur was concerned too. We discussed what to do and I said "Hell, he's there. Train him."

Arthur had already decided to take him on and let him train in spite of drug use. Sergio is the only one that Arthur knew was using, I'm convinced of this. Arthur was against steroids. Arthur also knew it would be hard for ANY of his trainees to do well at Mr. "U" (The block was in) He advised Casey against entering but went with Sergio.

Sergio (in my opinion) was by no means a "convert" but was well liked and had some of the best genetics ever. There were MANY superior Strength Athletes that came and went but Body Building was not something Arthur cared much for. After meeting Arthur I started moving away from the "Sport" also.
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Many thanks Kim and Jim for the old stories, it was enjoyable reading.
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Great stories Kim, thanks for sharing them. I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not Arthur trained Sergio for the 1972 Olympia at Essen, Germany and if he also accompanied him there? I've heard conflicting stories about this. If you could shed any light on the matter it would be much appreciated.

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Arthur trained Sergio for the
NABBA Mr. Universe in 1971.
(after the contest in London Sergio
went to Paris and tried to enter
the IFBB Mr. Olympia contest...after no
small amount of controversy he was not
allowed to enter and I believe he
"guest posed"..

following that contest Sergio went back to England and I believe did some "guest posing" there...it was during one of these events that some-one stole his pants
(wallet, pass-port and ID papers
stolen also...) and he was "rescued"
by British magazine publisher and gym owner, Wag Bennett.)...

Arthur's business relationship with Sergio ended with the London contest
in 1971. ( I have seen an "inter-view"
with Sergio that mentions a relationship in 1972 but few things
in that inter-view are correct...
I really doubt if that inter-view
ever really took place...don't forget,
while I was helping Sergio learn

English for his Chicago Police exam
during summer 1971 we'd go the the
news-stand in Daytona Beach and get
Weider mags that had articles
"written" by "Sergio Oliva"...a funny
deal...of course, Sergio didn't write those articles either...).

the summer of 1972 Arthur briefly
trained a man from the Oakland, California area named, Rudy Henderson
(Jack Feather thought he had great
potential and sent him to Lake Helen)
...Rudy was there a short time but things didn't work out.

Also during
that time we tried to get Sergio's
training partner from Sam Jordan's
South-town Y gym(in Chicago... an awesome gym) the mystery
man, Alonis Delone to come down to
Lake Helen and train(Delone had won
an NCAA wrestling championship at
Oklahoma State University using the
stage name of "Cowboy Joe James") but
he never visited Lake Helen.

than "The Colorado Experiment" and
some TV studio work-outs with Boyer Coe
Arthur never seriously trained
anymore body-builders after Sergio.
When Dr. Darden was hired in 1973
he was in charge of pretty much all
training in Lake Helen.
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Kim, Jim, Dr Darden thanks for the stories, they're brilliant.I envy you having seen this stuff, truly an amazing time in the Irongame.
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one of the things missed in this thread
has been how great a physique
photographer Chris Lund really is.
Previously, somebody asked why there
weren't more "color" photos in

Ell's awesome "old school" book...of course, the real reason is that
the "art form" of the physique
photo is the "black and white" photo...
Chris understands this and is
a master of that art.

Like "film-noir"
movies the black and white image
can portray far more than most realize.
(on other sections of this board are
appreciations regarding the artistic work
of Frank Miller("300")..."300" comes
very close to being a "film-noir" work...those interested in Miller

should snark out the comic book version
of "300" and his earlier work, the
awesome "Sin City". The movies were great...the graphic novels were better.)
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I hope someone can help me out in giving me some tips on what I might be doing wrong. I am a 40 year old male who just started to work out again using the HIT principles after not working out for over 15 years.

I have been using HIT now for 6 months and am experincing very wierd results that are not consistent. At first my strength increased substantially, but for some reason my strength has been decreasing. Thinking it is overtrainig I cut back substantionally and I am still getting very poor results. I can not climb up again.

I do one set of 8 - 15 reps depending on the day and the exercise I am doing. I mostly use machines since I do not have a spotter. My workout includes the following exercises which I do 2 times a week:

- Leg press - 470 lbs 15 reps
- Bench press using machine - 250 lbs 8 reps
- Lat pull down machine - 270 lbs 5 reps
- Incline press using machine - 210 lbs 8 reps
- Rowing machine - 205 5 reps
- Flys machine - 220 10 reps
- Shoulder press - 110 10 reps
- Concenteration curl - 125 8 reps
- Triceps extension - 110 8 reps
- Wrist curl - 80 lbs 8 reps

After every workout, I am extremely sore which lasts several days.

I do not rest at all moving from one machine to the next with every set to momentary muscle failure. Often I feel out of breath and very light headed.

I am extremely heavy so pound for pound I am not as strong as I used to be 15 years ago when I benched 350 lbs at 175 lbs body weight.

I do not know if it is my age or what. I laid of for 1 week and when I came back I was much more weaker.
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New Brunswick, CAN

Sorry for not starting a new thread, but I can't figure out how to do so, even though I've scanned the site but I must be missing the obvious.

I have been working out for 26 years...most of it hit...I've read virtually everything Dr. Darden has written, as well as Mentzer and Hutchins, McGuff etc. I'm 48, and next week, I go in for open heart surgery (triple bypass)

I'm wondering if any of the folks on this forum have any experience recuperating from or training others recruperating from heart surgery, and would have any training advice for me.

Initially, I plan to follow the cardiac rehab which will consist of treadmills, etc. I'm guessing, but the research so far that I've done, tells me I should be able to start strength training about 3 months in.

The equipment I have in my home consists of Nautilus Next Generation machines (leg press, low back, torso arm and decline press) and some adjustable dumbells (5 to to 52.5 lbs), a multi station unit (solidbody), a free weight bench with a leg curl and leg extension attachment and the ability to go from flat, to incline to upright, a chinning bar, a couple of chairs set up for dips, a neck harness, some plates, and an arm blaster.

I love dips now, but am wondering whether the cutting through of the muscle in my chest will make them prohibitive for longer, and whether after that incision, the pectoral muscles could remain a weak link in the long term.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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To start a new post, click on 'Dr. Darden's Discussion Forum', and then hit 'Post'.
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Hi someone

I am a big fan of HIT - I've been training it for two years. I really want to buy this book, however, I live in Denmark and I am a bit concerned about the shipping costs and the customs how much more than the 40 dollars should I expect the book to cost...

Best regards
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Ellington Darden

daniel88 wrote:
Hi someone

I am a big fan of HIT - I've been training it for two years. I really want to buy this book, however, I live in Denmark and I am a bit concerned about the shipping costs and the customs how much more than the 40 dollars should I expect the book to cost...

Best regards

The ordering guidelines allow you to see the exact cost of shipping before you finalize. Just go into the "Now Available Here" on the opening page and fill in the blanks.


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South Carolina, USA

Dr. Darden, i am new to h.i.t..i am reading your book now while i am recovering from rotor cuff surgery and i can't put it down.in your opinion can a person(meaning me)whose 47 yrs.old and have been lifting 4 yrs. expect to ever develop much mass and muscle strength?

also, are any of your previous books available? where can i get them or is The New bodybuilding for old school results all i need? last question, do you know where i could buy some well used nautilus machines, especially a pullover machine and a machine for arms.

i had a contractor build me a 20'x 20' gym in my back yard. i have a hip and leg sled,squat rack w/lat attachment w/a 200lb.stack,a universal machine,a smith machine,benches,a large dumbbell rack .i have practically any attachment you can name hanging on the wall.

you see dr. darden since i was a boy i wanted to be a body builder when i saw dave draper on the front of a muscle magazine.i got a late start to being called to go in the pastorate.during that time i spent most of my days behind a desk snacking and eating junk food.

i looked terrible and felt worse.when i moved back home after my last church to start a new ministry i committed to change. four years later and 40 pounds lighter i feel great and am always searching for a way to improve my strength and mass. i came across mike mentzers heavy duty in iron man magazine and have read most of his books. i started using his system and finally started seeing a peak on my biceps and my strength going up each week.

i can now row the entire 200 lbs. on my universal machine for 4 good reps.due to an injury in my shoulder two years ago i had to have surgery. i couldn't bench press half the weight i did last year because of the pain. while i am recovering,i am reading and planning my strategy in hopes of getting the best body i have ever had. i love the training and life style of a body builder.

i often awake at night and review in my mind my last workout and plan how i can improve. people who haven't seen me in awhile can believe how much i have changed. women half my age hit on me all the time, when i tell them i have two sons their age they can't believe it.

dr.darden i can't understand why M.D.'s don't prescribe weight training to people to help solve more of peoples problems.i was completely healed of high cholesterol and kidney stones.my doctor says i am the healthiest patient he has. i never get sick other than maybe one cold a year.if you can help me in any way i would appreciate very much. i have a large library of body building books, yours is by far the most interesting and informative i've ever read.

i am hooked on H.I.T. for life.please keep writing books.i would appreciate it if you could answer my questions when you get the time.sorry for the long letter i have wanted to write you since i started reading your book. if i had a wish that could be answered, it would be to go with you to meet and talk with arthur jones. my second would be to own a nautilus gym. sincerely, mike walker owner of iron mikes hard body gym.
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South Carolina, USA

drdarden, on page 203 of your book at the bottom there is a website offered for those who want to buy a poster of andy mccutcheon illustrating your exercises.this site is no longer available. i tried several times.can you tell me another way i can purchase your poster. thanks, ironmike
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Ellington Darden


The poster was never printed. Sorry. "The New HIT" illustrates all the recommended exercises and it is available on Amazon and at most bookstores.

At your age, you should still be able to make significant progress.

Welcome to the Forum.

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i just got done reading the new hit and had a few questions about arm potential, i know that Dr. Draden says that you have to have short tendons and long biceps to have a truly huge arm but i was looking at pictures of boyer coe and he seems to have a decent size gap in his biceps and so does ronnie coleman, here is a link to a pic of ronnie. so do you think its possible to build an decent size arm even if you have a big gap?

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hi,in response to training after heart op.hoe i can help.i was an advocate of hit since 1979 when i got a personal tape from mike mentzer.i ddi ok for a guy with bad/average genetics,and i still lookgood now. istopped with weights approx 6 years ago.i developed a heart arythmia(atrial fibrillation) a very common non fatal condition,that can be a big factor regarding strokes.

anyway to cut a long story short,ive had three procedures (ablations) where they burn the bad signals with a high frequency catheter,to return the heart to a normal rythym.i started boxing again 4 years ago,and have kept fit.However i feel that i cannot regain my former fitness levels that i had before the last procedure.this maybe due to excessive scar tissue build up in my left atrium.

anyway i just bought a nautilus leg machine ,and want to get back some muscle,im 47 now and i feel this wil help.your body will tell you when you train,if you are pushin it too far,but dont forget your heart is a muscle too it responds well,and this will help with recovery.obviously with the ok from your doctor,hope this helps some.
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