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My Story, New to HIT... Questions...


California, USA

Well I have been weight training on and off with a great lack of consistancy since I was 15. I am now 26. I have in the time been battling crohns disease which knocks me down and makes me start over every once in a while....unfortunatly.... recently after a bad bout with it last summer I had worked hard on getting back into shape with "typical" training and I was in the best shape I had been in my life after about 6-7 months. 6'1" 175lbs ~3-4% body fat. With 6'5" monkey arms.

I've never used any supplements. I've tried creatine, but I get intense stomach cramping and pain, no matter how much water I use or how little a dose of creatine I use. However, a few times I have forced myself through it and I do get GREAT gains very quickly from the creatine. ~3/4" on my arms in less than 2 weeks +5lbs of lean mass.

I just went through a bad bout of crohns that knocked me down from 175 to 141lbs in a matter of a month. I was benching 250x9 before getting I'll now Im at about 205x8. With eating I am back to 157lbs although I feel I look quite a bit heavier.

I was so frustrated with loosing everything I for the first time looked at turning to AAS and puchased them. It was that same day I came across your NEW HIT book, I picked it up and never put it down till I was finished reading. I loved the book, and I am looking forward to giving it a try. I measured my bicep and tricep muscle length and I only had a 3/4" gap on my Bi and 1 1/2" on my tri. Currently my arms are 14.5" off my best of 15.5".

My question is....
I have never been able to put on fat. When training real hard I get down to ~3% bodyfat. Ive taken months off and still eatn ~4000cal a day and not put on a lb of fat. In your book you recommend around 3000cal a day and slowly increasing it. Thats what I am shooting for right now (3000/day) and I start getting sick of eating over 3500 unless I am working out 5-6 days a week to really stimluate my appetite.

So again my question is how much do you think I need to eat with a metabolism like mine to achieve some serious gains with HIT? I am afraid of my body just being too much of a calorie burning machine.

My second question is, where should I start with HIT given my experience, but also that I have taken a hard hit to my body and am in bit of a re-start position.

Thank you VERY much for your time, and I throughly enjoyed the book.

Attached in a pic of my self at about ~160lbs.
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Michigan, USA


I felt like I should reply since no one else has yet. Sounds like you've been through a lot. I'm no expert, so I won't pretend to give you advice. However, if no one on this board gives you any pointers, head over to T-Nation and post the same message.
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I definitely sympathize. I have ulcerative colitis that is currently in remission. I realize that colitis is a less serious inflammatory bowel disease than Crohn's, but I have empathize with what you are going through.

Get rid of the creatine and never ever take it again. The grainy nature of creatine can irritate your Crohn's. My colitis was diagnosed after I drank some water with a lot of sediment (a plumbing problem). Doctors theorize that grainy products can cause or worsen inflammatory bowel diseases. If I was in your house, I would do an intervention and flush the creatine own the toilet. Your health comes first.

A supplement you should take is fish oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Don't megadose though. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle.

In terms of HIT training I recommend the following:

The goal of traditional HIT training is to take short rests between sets (60 secs or less. Some even advocate sprinting from station to station).

In your case I would be very careful about this. Taking too short of a rest between sets could cause you intestinal problems- at least initially. I am speaking from experience. Try resting about 2 minutes between sets to begin and see how you feel. If you feel fine, gradually reduce the rest- if you desire metabolic conditioning. If you only want hypertrophy and strength, keep the moderate rest periods.

Another way to minimize stomach issues is to train your chest, back and shoulders first, then train legs and finish with arms. Heavy leg training is more likely to cause nauseau or a case of the runs than upper body work. Again, after you get used to the demands, you can shift lower body work to the start of your workout and see how you feel.

HIT training should be a good way to train for someone with Crohn's or colitis since you are less likely to overtrain. Extreme overtraining is more likely to stress your Crohn's.

If you have a flare-up. Rest and skip a workout or at the very least take it easy and don't really push it. Your health comes first.

I hope this helps,

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Robert Francis

New York, USA

My brother has Crohns disease and although I am not close to him I don't know exactly NOTHING about it. People with your condition have trouble with absorption of nutrients in the intestine.
You will need some very special help. Ultra-Cal liquid helps to normalize bowel function and provides a large calorie lode with minimal digestion. (I am only guessing that your digestion is impaired as in my brother's case- not so with all Crohn's patients).
Tolex-100% freee form aminos also with maximal absorption and minimal digestion. Both of these products are made by Shield Healthcare-AND-wanna hear the best part? You likely can get insurance to cover the costs for you.

Beyond aiding in getting your weight up to where you want it this kind of nutrition is likely to make the attacks less frequent AND less severe. The more weight you gain, and the longer you hold that weight, the less intense the Crohn's bouts will be.
Good Luck and check in with progress.
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California, USA

Thanks for all the info and encouraging words guys. Well I started last sunday, I am 2 work outs in now so far. I havn't been able to get the intensity I want so far, I get so fatigued during the work out.

We'll see where I am at next week, started creatine ethyl ester and it doesnt bother my guts at all.

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California, USA

AFter 8 days on the program

I've gone from 14.5" to 15 and almost 1/8" on both arms!

Ate normally no increase in BF.

Only thing I used was 1.5g creatine ethyl ester daily.

This was a total of 2 workouts so far.

Ive measured 3x just to be sure, I noticed it in the mirror but was shocked when I finally measured! Lets see what 6 weeks can do!
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