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Vintage York. Milo, Weider Collectors?


Who are the vintage Iron hardware experts or collectors on here?

I recently dug up some old York, Milo and Weider plates, bells and bars...also some old Weider stuff...standard York, Milo and Weider International Olympic stuff

I kinda like it and wonder if I should just keep it and use it or pass it along to someone who may want it more than me ...

I know it has to be from the 40s or 50s because I remember seeing the stuff at garage sales in the 60s when I was a kid...Milo was gone way early on weren't they? Those have to be old.....

What years were they marking the Weider stuff "International"? That was the 60s according to my old magazine ads, correct?

Who knows more about this stuff?

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Please tell me you're in the north Florida area.

I can't say I'm a serious collector but I get a kick out of lifting old weights. In my collection I have several old York, Weider, Healthways, and recently acquired a couple of Milo 10 pound plates. I have some others as well. These don't just sit on display; I actually use them in workout.
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New York, USA


My comment won't answer those questions. However, the book Muscle Smoke and Mirrors digs deep into each of those people and their history's in the iron game. Great book.

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Isn't Kim Wood a collector of old weight training stuff??
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Florida, USA

Nautilus: Can you post pictures?
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Ok from my research the Milo stuff has to be older than I assumed - 20s 30s? Is this correct? Did they continue to market the Milo name after York bought them?

None of this stuff is like the old globe sets so the antique collectors can put their tounges back in their mouths....

Milo plates that look like they could belong to that early adjustable set they had between 1 1/4 - 10 pounds, Milo collars, some York 75 pound standard plates - I hear they are rare, some rounded york bells and collars - I will keep and use some of them - some other stuff....

I want to hear on the Weider International set - I think these might be older too - I have seen competion lift photos and they look like those plates - wasn't he a big sponsor or promoter of those early events? I guess he wanted his name in all the photos on the plates....

I will try and get some images together.
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Robert Francis

New York, USA

The MILOs are likely not as old as you may believe. The MILO Barbell company wa sold to Bob Hoffman in the 1930's and together with the customer lists and foundry contracts went the patterns for the equipment itself. Hoffman ignored all of the old "Milo" marked patterns until the late 1950's when he decided to use them since they were in great condition and it would be less costly to construct an entire range of new "YORK" marked patterns. By suppelmenting the York patterns with the surplus "MILO" patterns he could cut costs. The Milo sets were made by YORK Barbell into the 1960's and offered through Strength & Health magazine as an "economy set" at a somewhat lower cost to his YORK set. In truth, what he did was offer the Milo sets at the regular price and raised the prices on all of his YORK sets. Kapeesh?

The really valuable oldies made by MILO Barbell Company are their kettlebells, Duplex and Triplex Barbells and their very elusive shot-loaded drumhead barbell which was their first product introduced in 1903. An associate of mine in Virginia is the foremost collector of MILO and JACKSON Barbells in the world and has never gotten his hands on one of these drumsets. Maybe Kim has a set- maybe Tom Lincir has a set but both of these guys value privacy with regard to their collections.

Speaking of JACKSON Barbell Company, Andy made replacement parts, globe hemispheres, stop-collars and the like, for Milo sets up until the 1970's and in fact used original MILO patterns to make them. I have several examples in my collection of collars that are marked "JACKSON" on one side and "MILO" on the other. These were made for customers who needed to replace worn or broken parts for their ancient MILO sets.

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Milo Triplex Barbell shot Cap

Anyone have a spare or know where to get?
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