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McCain & a HIT Workout


I'd like to see how mccain would do in a h.i.t. workout--i imagine he would do quite well.5 years in the "hilton" proves he can take the pain.unfortunately, now, his overhead press is a no-go--that guy had balls--workout as if your life depends on it--and it does!!!

we all can push ourselves to super-human limits.this is what gets results everthing else is just yammering--think about it.this is not political this is about life and pushing past our limits..
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Texas, USA

Politics? On a bodybuilding forum? Are you nuts?! :p
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Nick1971 wrote:
Politics? On a bodybuilding forum? Are you nuts?! :p

a little bit
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Texas, USA

lol! :D
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Yeah, he can probably rock the overhead press.
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Watching him walk, he appears to have problems with his hip joints as well. I guess if you sleep with your head tied between your knees, and your arms tied up behind your upper back, it takes a toll on you. Oh, and they also woke him up every two hours to beat him. That lasted for two of his six years of captivity. My guess is he wouldn't do well with any barbell or machine exercise. I think they pretty much ruined most of his major joints.

Whether you like him or not, I think most would say that he is about as tough as they come with regard to his ability to withstand pain. I believe he was a lot tougher than I would have been in the same situation.

I think if he had a healthy young body, he could hang with the toughest HIT'er.
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For some insight on how tough John McCain is, read this article about his son, particularly the part about hiking the Grand Canyon last year.



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They named an Olympic lift after him: the jerk. That's Juan McAmnesty as we call him in Arizona.
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Robert Francis

New York, USA

I did'nt know Arizona was in Spain.

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McCain would keel over.

WTF is this thread even about??
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OBAMA, on other hand, could breeze thru a HIT w/o :)
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