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Getting Back to HIT


Florida, USA

Getting back into more a HIT routine. It's been quite awhile, been pushing it but NOT exactly HIT style, All out or close to it one exercise after another.

Last time on HIT I burned out, I didn't cycle it. Is that the correct term? I went ALL out everytime, got tired of it, I actually dreaded my workout, even got sick just thinking about it!

So how do I go about this & avoid burning out this time around? Just keep making little changes here & there every few weeks?

Holding back 1 or 2 reps, then one workout for for it all out?

I can change rep speed as well. There's many ways to change it up, is that how I go about it?

I also play basketball. Some days just shooting around, other days half court, some days full court. Never more than 2 hrs.

And tips, advise would be great!

And FYI, I'm getting back into HIT because I have stopped making gains, always tired, worn down & I'm very, very weak. Would like to move up in wt. with all the big manly lifts.

Box squats, back/front squats, SLDL, Hex bar DL, dips, chins-pull-ups, bench, rows and overhead press from the front. I want to lift big with those.

I'm 32 years young, 6 foot, 178 soaking wet, and my bodfat is kinda high as of late. 12 %. Arms are less than 15. My gaol is to build up on the big core lifts & when I get to a bigher bodywt. & much better overall body measurments, then I'll play around with some isolation exercises to refine.

AND, I've gotten into training the neck and grip. Played around with the gripping in the past, but I now want a very powerful grip for both hands.
A goal of mine is to hang with 100lbs. for 5 mins. I got that one from a Dr. Ken article from Hardgainer.

I'M JUST WORRIED ABOUT LOSING MY DESIRE TO HIT, because of what happened before. THANKS.
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If you got tired of failure every workout, yeah, alternate failure and not-to-failure workouts.
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Ontario, CAN

You didn't mention how often you trained when you burned out. Full body, three times a week? Twice a week? Split?

I started on full body three times per week two years ago, failure every workout. Then full body twice per week (Monday and Friday). Moved to twice per week with every third workout short of failure by 2 reps.

Now I workout three times in two weeks (week 1: Monday, Friday; week 2: Wednesday) Full body. I go to failure for 4-6 weeks and then I'll do two weeks not to failure as active recovery.

Oh, and if I didn't make sure I was eating enough and sleeping enough I would burn out for sure. That means a slight surplus of calories.

The above worked excellent for me, key word being ME. You have to try a few things and see what happens. You might make progress exactly like I did, or you might need more rest inbetween workouts.

If you don't make progress change one thing at a time to see what happens. For example you might need to up your calories a little and then you'll make progress. If you add another day of rest at the same time and you make progress what was the cause? Was it the day of rest or the extra calories (or both).

Good luck!
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