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Built 4 lbs muscle

Bob Marchesello
Lost 23.55 lbs fat
Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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Bob Marchesello's Results
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Bob Marchesello

Armed Forces - Europe

I will post a summary of my last advanced workouts today.

I can't make it to Windermere for body composition readings so I will post photos tomorrow.

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Bob Marchesello

Armed Forces - Europe


Sorry for the delay in updates my computer has been down, here's the results of my last few advanced workouts:

Advanced Legs 3 workouts 4 days apart consisting of:

1. Cybex Extensions 1 1/4 rep technique
2.. Cybex Leg Curl 1 1/4 rep technique *
3. Cybex Leg Press extremely slow *
4. Cybex Vertical Press *
5. Cybex Row *
6. Cybex Overhead Press *
7. Barbell shrugs *
8. Cybex Trunk Rotation*

* indicates up in weight or reps

Advanced Back, 2 workouts 4 days apart consisting of:

1. Nautilus Pullover *
2. Nautilus Pull down
3. Nautilus Row *
4. Negative only Chin up
5. Barbell Shrugs
6. Nautilus Leg extensions *
7. Barbell Squats *

indicates up in weight or reps *

I am currently at my target bodyweight of 183 lbs. Thats after cutting back on calories to about 2,700 per day.

I was planning to go to Windermere on the 29th of June for body composition readings, but am unable to make it. So I will instead post a photo tomorrow with a summary of how all the workouts went.

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Bob Marchesello

Armed Forces - Europe


I regret that I won't be able to make it down to Windermere for accurate body composition readings, here's a summary of how the advanced workout routines went.

I last saw you in Windermere on February 10, 2010, I weighed 178 lbs
after completing the weight loss and creatine loading phase. I lost 23.55 lbs of fat and gained 8.55 lbs of muscle.

My goal was to gain 5 lbs of muscle, for a target weight of 183 lbs. I'm now at 183 lbs. I have probably put on a couple of pounds of fat,But I know I put on some muscle as well. I went up in weight and repetitions in more than 50% of all the exercises since starting the advanced routines in February.

Looking at the photos, I probably need to cut back on calories some more and get rid of some excess body fat. My ideal body weight may be around 180lbs.

I started the advanced/specialized routines in February and had a total
Of 28 workouts. Specialized routines for Legs, Arms and Shoulders came out of Part IV of "The New High Intensity Training". The Back and Chest routine came out of Chapter 28 "Customized Workouts". Each Specialized workout for each body part was repeated three times with approximately 4-6 days rest in between workouts.

The advanced techniques such as the 1 1/4 repetition, extremely slow, and 1 1/2 repetition chin ups and dips, greatly added to the intensity
of the Exercise and definitely put some muscle on.

Especially difficult was the extremely slow leg presses and extremely slow chin-up and dips. I don't think I ever achieved a full 30 seconds on all the exercises but I definitely felt the increased intensity from slowing down the repetition speed. The only drawback was that it took a lot of practice to master the advanced techniques.

I recommend that anyone attempting to use the advanced HIT techniques, that you use a training partner or a coach to supervise you in the workouts so you can make the most progress.

While building muscle I tried to maintain approximately 300-500 calories above maintenance level. I varied between 2,500 and 3, 000
calories per day. For a while, I was eating too much and probably resulted in putting on a few pounds of fat, but the extra calories put on some muscle.

I maintained a balanced diet of 60% carbohydrates, 20% fats, and 20%
Protein. I continued to take maintenance dosages of creatine.

I feel that I would have made more progress if I would have been able
to train with you at Windermere but that wasn't possible because of my
overseas job.


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Ellington Darden

Bob is one of the very-few individuals who can take a concept, master it, and go a step farther and actually IMPROVE it. I take my hat off to a man who has done an exceptionally great job in applying HIT and proper nutrition.

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I regret that I missed your updates until today! Wow! WHat a great job you've done and to continue doing the specialization routines back to back, you must be an animal!

You look great and I can even see more improvement in your pics from the Forum main page next to your latest pic!

What next? Are you going to try some maintenance or continue with specialization routines? I'm surprised you've been able to do them consecuatively. I'm guessing maybe because you're new to HIT that it didn't bomb your recovery too much?

Either than or like I said....you're an animal. I'm thinking of going back to The New Hit book and try and follow the routines again as close as possible with the machines I have available.

I like that you added your comments about which techniques you got allot from, as it is inspiring to try!

Thanks again for keeping in touch here, I'm sure you've had fun doing so and I look forward to where you go from here. Please advise.

Looking great!

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Great job Bob

well done with your results

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Great job!

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cmg wrote:
Great job!


Echoed in full. He looks like a new man and several years younger.
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Bob Marchesello

Armed Forces - Europe


Good points.

I plan on going back to a maintenance plan consisting of an A/B workout that Dr. Darden gave me for the weight loss program. I plan to focus on double progression and regular repetition protocol for a while.

I then plan to re-introduce the advanced HIT techniques and routines slowly and more infrequently.

This way I'm not trying to do too much at once.

Next time around I hope to make better progress.


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Hey Bob,

Good to hear back from you. Would you mind sharing what your next A/B routines will look like?

I would like to see how the progression goes as you get going on them.

Will you be sticking to the 4 rest days in between workouts?

Also, have you been doing any other exercise in addition to your HIT workouts on any rest days?

Thanks again,

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Bob Marchesello

Armed Forces - Europe



* Pre-exhaust

1. Cybex Leg Extenstion machine
2. Cybex Leg Press machine
3. Cybex Pec Fly machine
4. Cybex Vertical Press machine
5. Straight arm dumbell pullovers
6. Cybex row machine
7. Cybex Lateral Raise machine
8. Cybex Overhead press machines

* isolation and compound movements are super sets.


1. Barbell Squats
2. Cybex Leg curl machine
3. Dips
4. Chin ups
5. Cybex Triceps extentions
6. Cybex Biceps Curl machine
7. Cybex Torso rotation machine
8. Stiff Legged deadlift with Barbell

Four days of rest in between A and B.

I have not done any other exercise but the routines that have been posted, for both the weight loss and weight gain routines.

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Thanks Bob,

I would like to follow your progress if you don't mind posting sometimes?

I'm curious to watch if you continue to progress still in strength as it appears you are still doing quite a bit to me.

Thanks, Brian
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Congratulations Bob , very impressive results !

your 3rd pic would go well alongside your previous 2 of `success stories` , keep up the good work .

Best wishes , T.
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I'd love to know the Creatine cycle that you used,Bob! Can you help us? :)
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