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Part Number For Pre-2ST Top Plate Spacers, Clips


Texas, USA

Hey gang,

MikaelPR has been super helpful guiding me in upgrading some of the nitro equipment I have. I didn't want to bother him for this information and figured your Nautilus junkies could supply me with this fast. Mikael told me that in order to use linear bearings on my nitro I need

"The same clips and spacers that are used with the older Nautilus pcs, pre 2ST."

Does anybody have a part number for these items?

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Hi Skyler
The schematics only refer to the spacers as "top plate spacers". They are pcs. of 1 1/2 " (outer diameter) x 1 1/4" (inner diameter) steel pipe, cut 3/8" to 1/2" thick that fill the space between the lower and upper external snap rings that snap into the grooves on the linear ball bushing bearing. I had a local rubber and gasket company cut several spacers to these dimensions for my 2 Nitro pcs., but you can use several flat washers stacked or a plastic bushing of the correct size. You can pick up the external snap rings (2 per) where you get the
bushing bearings or at a good fastener store.

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