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In the Market for Equipment


I was wondering if anyone was looking to sell any used Medx or Nautilus equipment.

I'm looking to complete a small gym... So far i have managed to pick up a Medx lumbar for $2000.. Still looking for the following in Medx and/or Nautilus(depending on model):

Leg press
Leg extension
Seated leg curl
Chest press
Shoulder press
Pulldown and/or row
Chest fly

Thanks guys!
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Michael Petrella

Ontario, CAN

Hey Duke,

PM me your e-mail address. I have a contact for a guy that I believe can fill your grocery list in one shot.

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PM sent. Thanks!

I'm located in San Francisco CA, but don't want to limit myself to this state and am open to shipping recommendations if anyone has used good freight/moving companies.

The Medx Lumbar i purchased in in South Florida...

Thanks again folks.
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Hi Duke and all
I just pm'd Athenian regarding shipping, and then saw your post so thought I'd weigh in. I own and operate a small moving company, and have all but quit doing anything over 200 miles, instead I recommend ABF freight. ABF is one of the oldest LTL carriers, and one of a handful of union lines still operating. A few years ago, in an effort to fill empty trailers coming back out of Florida, they decided to sell linear trailer space to Floridian snow birds moving back north. It was so lucrative they expanded the service country wide, and now will ship your household goods any where in the U.S., much cheaper than a moving company can do it.

For small apartment or dorm moves they manufactured 7'x8'x6' steel containers, called Relocubes, that can be loaded into a freight trailer with a forklift and shipped to your destination in 3-5 business days. They offer 2 different service options, door to door, where they bring the cube to you, you load it, they pick it up, take it back to their terminal, load it onto a trailer with freight bound for the same destination, move it to the destination city, unload it, and deliver it , OR, terminal to terminal, where both the shipper and the consignee are responsible for transporting the goods (exercise machine) to and from their respective local terminals for shipping. The terminal to terminal option is considerably less expensive, but more work on both ends. Uhaul has recently started a similar sevice using wooden "U Boxes", but I don't have any personal experience with them.
Hope this helps.
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Kentucky, USA


I don't think I would sell my Medx machines, but I do have most of what you need. My current line-up:

1. Medx Leg Press
2. Medx Leg Extension
3. Medx Seated Leg Curl
4. Medx Torso Arm (older version) w/ Regeneration handle retro-fit
5. Medx Row (Tim Ryan retrofit)
6. Medx Chest Press
7. Medx Overhead Press
8. Medx Lateral Raise (Tim Ryan cam mods)
9. Medx Seated Dip
10. Medx Biceps
11. Medx Triceps
12. Medx Core Rotation
13. Nautilus Ab1 (Tim Ryan complete renovation)

I can send pics. PM if interested.


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You blokes irritate me
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