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Soloflex Workout


OK...First time poster here, so I'll give this a shot. I have a Soloflex in my basement I bought several years ago, when I eschewed weights and took up boxing, but wanted to get a little resistance training after a couple of years. Anyways, I noticed some old forums on this site where Soloflex was discussed. Pros and Cons either way. I was hoping to get some workout ideas based on some HIT principles I could do with the machine, before I shit can it entirely. On the old forums they recommended a warmup set and exercises in the 8-12 rep range till failure. Any suggestions on exercise choice and rep range would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and one other small thing...I was recently diagnosed with moderate arthritis in both my hips at the ripe old age of 35. Turns out I have "Retroverted Hip Sockets" and years of trying to jam a round peg in a square hole by doing squats and trying to play soldier have led to my current condition.

My Chiropractor and Physical Therapist (and am wagering the Orthapedist I will see)both told me to avoid full-range squats, lunges, and any motion that was a "knee to chest" (i.e. leg presses, rowing machine for cardio, etc). The PT told me I could do partial squats and box deadlifts, but not sure I want to push it. Please take this depressing fact in to consideration if anyone is kind enough to throw some programming suggestions my way. Thanks in advance.
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if your going that route i would suggest a bowflex.
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Brian Johnston

Ontario, CAN

Do a Google on leg exercises, as there are plenty that don't affect the hips much, including various forms of Sissy squats, leg extensions, leg curls, etc. I would not be performing lower body exercises to failure if there are issues. Your call.
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Hi! You can do just about any of Dr. Darden's full body HIT routines on a soloflex. If you haven't already, pick up one or two of his books and apply the routines to your soloflex. I find when combining free weights to the resistance bands on pressing movements, I get a great resistance curve. The only downside is the time it takes to change up the machine from exercise to exercise especially removing and adding free weights, it is not ideal when trying to increase weight or reps or both on an exercise, as well as decreasing time between exercises. You can only change machine so quickly. Good luck!
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